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Unicor FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Unicor

•What is UNICOR/Federal Prison Industries?


•What is the price for warehouse products and services in this program?

Custom pricing proposals are prepared for each Federal Contractor or Federal Agency based on the requirements needed for buildings or facilities.

•What about manufacturing Quality in this program?

UNICOR's Quality Commitment: http://www.unicor.gov/about/qa/

•What type of service can we expect with this program?

We currently have implemented and offer any number of custom overall service programs to meet your requirements and expectations.  Including local and/or nationwide programs.

•What are the Purchase-Related Procedures for Government Agencies and Civilian Federal Contractors when working with UNICOR/Federal Prison Industries?


W H Y  S P E C I F Y  U N I C O R  P R O D U C T S ?
•Eliminates 3-Quote Purchasing Requirements
•Competitive Pricing with GSA
•National Sales Coverage
•Single Requisition for Products and Services
•On-line Order Status and Tracking
•One Stop Shopping
•One Invoice
•Specifying UNICOR products is a very Smart Move.

Recognize we are still your number one supply source when specifying new product.

All the more reason to select UNICOR as your First choice when every penny counts.
Convenient Payment Methods for Military & Civilian Agencies
  · DD 488 - MIPR (Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request)
  · Government Purchase Cards
  · All Credit Cards
  · Purchase Orders
  · Standard FEDSTRIP/MILSTRIP System
  · MOA (Memorandum of Agreement)
  · MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
  · DD 1149 OR SF 1449- Purchase Order
  · DD 1155 Order for Supplies and Services
  · OF 347- Order for Supplies and Services and of course the SF-1 Form

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